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Starting research can be difficult. These resources are specifically built and provided to help you become a better researcher and find what you need.

Starting Research

Research can be a time consuming endeavor. It is not often the simple straight line to the finished product, we'd like it to be. It can be difficult to find materials that even discuss your topic. Research is also a fundamental building block to developing your knowledge and understanding of a concept or topic. This means planning and practice can make an often daunting task manageable and even enjoyable!

This guide is designed to help with the research process, provide tools and insight in using those tools. As always, if you have questions, contact your instructor and/or a librarian early in the process. 

Using this Guide

This guide is serves two purposes:

  1. Provide instruction on conducting research
  2. Provide access to tools and help you understand how to use them for research

By no means do you need to read every section in-depth or at length. This guide is designed to jump around and gather the information that you need when you need it. The major topics discussed in this guide are the following:


The Research Process

This page breaks down the research process from start to finish. What to expect, how to start, and tips to help you organize yourself before and during your research project. If you're unsure of even where to begin, this is a great place to go first.


Using Databases

A database is an essential tool to college level research. When you need to find "Scholarly/Peer-Reviewed" articles a database is the first place to go. If you need to know what a Scholarly/Peer-Reviewed article is, this page is for you.


Using Libguides

What even is a libguide? Well, this is a libguide. You are reading one. A libguide is simply a "library guide" usually covering a topic like "research" or a specific course, like English 102. This page will provide more information on why Link library uses "libguides" and how you can use them in your research process.


Using the Internet

The Internet and specifically "search engines" are the life blood of getting answers in the modern world. It's specifically these tools which have given us the rise of the "Information Age" we currently live in. But like the other things mentioned above, these are tools to be used. This page provides tips and tricks to understanding and using these tools better.


Using the Library's Search and Discover! box

A search function is required in a library. The Search and Discover! box is Link library's custom and unique search tool, which comes with it's own quirks and usage features. This page will guide you through all the points you'll need to master it.


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