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Library Guide

This guide covers library policies, an interactive map of the library to help you find what you're looking, FAQs and more!

Checkout Policies

Library Card:

Yes, you do need a library card to check out materials from Link library. Luckily, your library card is your Student ID. Your information is loaded into the system before they issue your ID, so starting on day one of the semester, you can come in and check things out!

Because your library card is your ID, your library count is connected to your student account. This means, you are responsible for any items you check out from the library. Don't check items out on your account, for other people, or let others borrow your card to check something out.

Fines: Overdue items do come with fines, and those fines can hold up your account when you go to do other things. Fines account for the material and length of time overdue, and will be discussed further down the page.

Replacing items: Replacement charges for lost, damaged, stolen, or otherwise unreturned materials will be assessed, and is case-by-case. Replacement costs can vary depending on the item, availability, and processing. Please, report lost or damaged items immediately. Our stance is that we would like to keep the original item, and not replace it, so keep track of checked out items, and take care of them, please.

End of Semester: All checked out items are due back by Wednesday of Finals week.

Interlibrary Loans: These materials have their own set of rules specific to the item and lending library. For more information please visit our ILL Page

Checkout Lengths and Fees

Stack Books, Children's Books, and Curriculum

Books in the stacks (downstairs), or upstairs in the Children's book section (fiction and non-fiction) and Curriculum collection are all 4-week items. If the item is overdue, it accumulates a fine of $0.50 a day until returned. If the due date extends beyond the final Wednesday of the semester, the due date will be adjusted to match that last day. These items may be renewed.

DVDs and CDs

DVDs (main floor by Reference section) and CDs (2nd floor in Music Loft) are 7-day items. These materials are charged $1.00 per day overdue. These items may be renewed.

Periodical Items

Periodicals are New and back issue magazines and print journals. New periodical items are on a 2-hour limit, at $1.00 per hour overdue.

Back issues are 3-Day items at $1.00 per day. These items can be renewed.

Reference or Reserve Items

Reference items (main floor, Reference section) and Reserve items (main floor, available at the front desk) are 2-hour items with $1.00 per hour fine for overdue. These items are not renewable, and must be returned and then checked back out. Reference books are limited to two (2) checked out at a time, and Reserve items are limited to three (3) items.

Some items are available for 3-day checkouts, which will be noted upon checkout.

After Hours Checkout

Most 2-hour or Short-term checkouts can be checked out overnight if checkout is within 90 minutes of library closing times (e.g. 10:30 pm if library closes at Midnight). These items are due back within 90 minutes of opening the following day (standard library opening is 7:45 am, return is rounded and bumped to 9:30 am for weekdays). 


Renewing Items

There are two ways to renew an item. The easiest is to go to your Library Account, select the items you'd like to renew, and click "Renew." If you happen to be in or near the front desk, you can stop by and request items to be renewed as well. You will need your ID, but you do not need the book or resource for the first renewal.

Library Zones

Normal Conversation
Normal conversation is encouraged in green areas of the library. The main floor in front of the front desk, by the games, and even in the computer commons, are all green zones due to the traffic and movement of every day use. Normal should still be respectful of others around you, but there's no need to whisper "shh, this is a library" upon entry.

Quiet Conversation
Quiet zones are great for group work, and individuals who want a calmer space, but don't want to feel secluded from the world. The 2nd floor loft is basically all Quiet zone, as well as the North wall by the periodicals. These areas are good for pairs or small groups who want to get things done, but need to share or discuss, as well.

Sometimes you need to shut off the world and focus! Downstairs in the stacks is perfect for this, since the books are naturally noise-reducing, it can get pretty quiet on it's own! But down stairs, even the seating is designed to give you an individual space to carve out hours of study time in. If you're just visiting, and running down to get a book, please be respectful of those who are working hard, and stay as quiet as possible till you get back upstairs, thanks!

Food and Drink

Outside Food and Drink

The library is ok with outside food and drink. We get it, some of you live in here, it would make sense you can eat in here, too! However, we do ask that you be respectful of those around you, as in every other aspect of library usage. Please throw away any and all garbage, and if you make a mess, please clean it up! If you spill or there is an incident, please come to the front desk, we have supplies and can help you. Do not leave food out and come back to it later.


Coffee is offered by the library on a donation basis. The mugs are fun, but our student workers are not wait-staff. Please put your coffee mugs and spoons away when you are done using them, so we can wash them and let others enjoy this perk as well. If the coffee is cold, gone, or nearly so, please let us know and we'll make a fresh pot!

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