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Login and Access

Make sure you are connected to the library website so that you can gain access to all the materials we offer! This guide will show you what to expect when signing in, as well as what you can do once you have!

Logging In

Why log in?

Logging in right at the beginning of a session will allow you to connect to your account and allow you to jump around the library website with ease, especially if you are off-campus. 

Logging in allows you to check your library account, which will tell you what items you have checked-out, due dates, or any fines you may have. You can also save titles to a reading list, in case you need to grab a title for class but don't want to use it now, or lets you put an item on "hold" in case it is currently checked out, and you want to be next in line and notified when it comes back in!

How to log in:

Simply click any link titled Library Login (like this, or the box above). This link will take you directly to the library login page. Use your standard CUNE username and password (the same you use for all official CUNE activities) and you're in. Your browser will save this information, and you can go back to that link, or once you've signed in, complete a search in the "Search and Discover!" box on the homepage and your account will be accessible in the top right hand corner of the results page.

Once I've signed in...

You can do a few things with your account:

  • View items you've checked out
  • Current overdue list / fines
  • Renew Items (you can renew an item once, before you need to bring it back in)
  • Check due dates
  • Place items on hold
  • View saved searches
  • View book lists you've created.

Off Campus

If you are looking for articles in a database, you will be asked to login using this screen (if you haven't already logged in):


  Student / Alumnus Faculty / Staff
Username First.Last FLast
Email Address
  • Make sure you are using the correct Username (NOT email address)
  • Is the password that you're using the same as your other CUNE logins (Portal,, Blackboard)? It should be!
  • If it's still not working, verify by checking with the CUNE Accounts website
  • As always, other questions or issues persisting, check with the Helpdesk!

Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: Of course! Databases are resources you can access 24/7, 365 days of the year, on-campus or off, as long as you have valid CUNE credentials. Your standard CUNE username and password will get you access whenever you need. If you are having issues please contact the Helpdesk immediately.
Answer: In this situation you should email right away. There may be an issue with your account or sign on information, in which case the library can't help you, but IT can!
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