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CUNE Research Toolkit

Start Your Research Here!

Starting your research

A fantastic guide to starting, organizing, writing, and citing your research. From Ithaca College.

Brian’s Search Strategy Advice

Brian's guide on developing a strategy to help you search databases. Thanks Brian!

How to Develop a Search Strategy

A great tool to help develop your research strategy using the web, online catalogs, and databases.

A Research Outline (Example)

A research outline example for in an art class assignment, great way to break it all down!

The Successful Research Project

A handy, one-page guide to the Research Process

Model for Information Research + Video

Slide based pdf that walks you through the video presented below 

Searching Link Library

With our new page layout, the beginning of this video is a bit outdated. The Search and Discover box looks different but functions the same. We will update the video as soon as possible.

Interlibrary Loan

 ILL Request


We can get it!

If we don't have full access to a journal or article you need, fill out the request, have questions? Check out the FAQ, then contact us!

Research Books

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