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Open Educational Resources: OER

Tools to help instructors navigate the process of using OERs, finding resources, adapting them for use, and building more effective pedagogy in their disciplines.

License Rights

The rights to any creative work reside with the author of the work upon its creation, unless the author expressly distributes those rights to others. For example, a work-for-hire contract consigns the author's rights to the commissioner of the work. Authors can also donate their work to the public domain, where it can be used by anyone for any purpose.

Open licensing is a middle path, where authors allow free access to their work, but retain some control over how the work is used by others, such as whether the work can be changed or used for commercial purposes. The most common method of open licensing is to select and apply one of the Creative Commons licenses.

Assistance at CUNE

For help investigating the licensing, copyright, or educational fair use of specific resources you wish to use in your courses, contact Concordia's copyright officer, the Director of Library Services. Also explore the resources and tools on Link Library's copyright guide.

For help applying open licenses to material you created, or adopting material into your course pages, contact Concordia's department of Classroom Innovation and Online Education.

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