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Library Guide

This guide covers library policies, an interactive map of the library to help you find what you're looking, FAQs and more!

Library as a Space

The library is both a physical place, where we hold books, and periodicals, have study rooms, puzzles, games and other things you'd hope to find in the library. However, it is also a digital space, where we keep records of all those items, online access to them, and digital content through databases and other resources.

Because using the library requires navigating both spaces, this Library Guide is designed to help you navigate those spaces, and understand them better, and hopefully answer a few questions.

The Front Desk

The Front Desk

The front desk is a hub for assistance. This is where you can find our lovely librarians and student-workers, ask questions, and check out materials! Don't be afraid to approach the front desk and ask questions! We're here to help you, and the front desk makes it easier to find us!

Things you can get at the Front Desk

Checkout Items
Of course you can check out items here! Bring your resources and student ID and we'll get you ready to go! Need a bag? We do have some, so ask, in case you can't carry it all yourself!

Interlibrary Loans
If you ILL'd an item and got the email that it is ready to be picked up, simply come to the front desk, and give us your name and Student ID, your item is waiting for you behind the front desk.

The vast majority of our test-prep materials are behind the front desk on short-loan. Please ask and we can get you the materials you may need. Our most popular materials are: MSAT, LSAT, GRE, and 

Course Reserves
Instructors put items on short-term checkout all the time for class. These materials may be library books with limited copies, or even the instructor's personal copy. If your instructor has asked you to look at a course reserve item, or you found an item through the Search and Discover! box which is listed as "Course Reserve" ask for it at the front desk! Helpful information is: Title of material or course name/number. Instructors can have multiple classes with reserved items, so just saying "a book for Professor X" can make finding the right item difficult. 

The cameras are on loan through the art department. We manage the checkout process, but these items are not available to everyone. You must be on a course list OR have written consent from a professor in the art department to check out these materials. If you have neither, you may still ask the ITC for a camera, and check one out from them. Please check the ITC tab for more information.

Office Materials
We do provide markers, rulers, paper cutters, hole punches and staples for in-library use. As policy we do not have paper-clips or tape available for your projects. If the stapler is empty or jammed, or the printer is out of paper, please let us know at the front desk, and we can fix that right away.

Job Applications
Working in the library is a great way to make some money during the semester! Ask for an application at the front desk. We are always looking forward to the NEXT semester when hiring, and rarely hiring for the current semester. So get your applications in early, and stay at the top of the stack!

Library Online


Databases are collections of information which can be easily searched using keywords, dates are publisher info. These are one of the main tools of library research. For more information about databases and how to use them, click Here


Libguides, or "Library Guides" like what you're reading right now, are useful webpages of content pertaining to specific subjects, class, or even individual instructors. They contain information, links, videos, and other useful resources. For more on how to use Libguides, or to see the list of active guides, click Here

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