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A forum to facilitate integration of research instruction into the curriculum.

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Questions?  Comments?  Please contact:  General Education Implementation Committee (GEIC) Chairman & Members representing each Department


Information Literacy Departmental Review from the General Education Implementation Committee (GEIC June 2009)


     The American Library Association defines information literacy (IL) as a set of abilities requiring individuals to “recognize when information is needed and have the ability to locate, evaluate, and use effectively the needed information.”  ( Information Literacy for Faculty and Administrators )

     Students require multiple opportunities to apply and practice their information literacy abilities in a variety of contexts throughout the curriculum.

“An institution that relies entirely on a single session of traditional library instruction to fulfill its information literacy is placing itself at the lower end of information literacy delivery.  It is also likely that in this situation there is little demonstrable collaboration.  In fact, the relationship is likely to have the appearance of a “hands off” approach, relegating to the librarian what the faculty member perceives as information literacy.” ( DR&CS , p21)

Reference and Instruction Librarian

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