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FAQ - Library

Help from Librarians

Need a Librarian?

Our library staff is generally in the office between 8 am - 5 pm and would love to meet with you

There is a librarian at the Circulation Desk on MondayTuesday, and Thursday evenings from 6 pm - 10 pm

Feel free to Contact Us


What are the standard checkout lengths

  1. General Collection (Stack books, children's books, curriculum): 4 Weeks
  2. Videos/DVDs & CDs: 7 days
  3. Reference/Reserve and Periodicals: 3 day and 2 hrs (depends on item)

Check out our policy FAQ for more info!

For more information on check-out policies, fines, and other questions, check out our FAQ - Library Policies

Library Space

Can I use a computer?

Of Course! 
Computers: The Computer Commons is next to the Tutoring Center and Reference section on the main floor of Link Library. Students, Faculty, and Staff may also use one of the computers in L132 if there isn't a class being held; there are also computers located on all three floors for general patron use as well. 
Wifi: The library has wifi throughout, so if your device is connected to CUNE's wifi network, you can use that device anywhere in the building


Is the library a “quiet” space?

The library has many different types of spaces! Find a space that's right for you:

  1. Main Floor: The main thoroughfare for students, faculty and staff, while there are pockets of quieter study on this floor, it reserved for normal conversation and has a fair amount of activity and noise
  2. Second Floor: "The Loft" is where music, children's lit. and curriculum can be found, this space is reserved for quiet conversation
  3. Basement: "The Stacks" is where the general collection is housed. This area has tons of areas that are ideal for silent study and is reserved for those who like a quiet library space


What about Group Study?

Link Library currently has two (2) rooms you can check out a key for 3 hours at a time. The "Listening Room" and the "Green Room" have various features that students may find appealing for group study. You need to check these rooms out like any other resource, and my do so by inquiring at the Circulation desk on the main floor. 

There are also smaller study rooms on the 2nd floor Loft, which do not need to be checked out, and small study carrels strategically placed around the library

Check it out!

Not Just Books!

Ask at the reference desk to check out:

 Power strips
 Whiteboards / Markers

 Disc Golf and Ultimate discs
 Rulers / Markers / Colored Pencils

Frequently Asked Questions

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