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Welcome to the EDUC 526 library guide. This page is a guide to the library resources and services available to you. I am also available to assist with your research needs online or in-person. Please feel free to contact me with any questions throughout your research process!

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Course Description


Language and culture are two multidimensional and constantly changing phenomena that are integrally connected to everything that happens in the world. As any language is culturally conditioned, any culture is linguistically defined. Therefore, the main goal of this course is to examine the relationship between language and culture, as well as their effect on community, identity, beliefs, and values. This course guides the student in directly applying an understanding of language and culture to ESL classroom practice and curriculum and programmatic development.


  • examine aspects of his/her cultural lens and its relationship to identity and achievement
  • consider aspects of the cultural lens of an English language learner and its relationship to identity, achievement, and language acquisition
  • investigate notions of social and human capital, as well as language competencies, and their effect on achievement
  • determine ways in which culture and identity impact English language learning
  • discover benefits of bilingualism
  • discover language patterns in use in bilingual communities
  • weigh advantages and disadvantages of various types of ESL program models and their relationship to cultural identity, achievement, and language acquisition


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