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Copyright and Fair Use: Copyright

Can I reuse something made by someone else?


This guide provides general information about copyright and related issues. Do not consider this legal advice. The user retains all responsibility for decisions on copyright matters.

What is copyright?

Grounded in the U.S. Constitution, copyright law grants protection to original works of authorship fixed in a tangible means of expression. That includes just about anything that is written, recorded, built or crafted, whether published or unpublished. It even includes websites and the images on them! If you want to use, sample or make a copy of all or part of a work created by someone else, you need to first determine how copyright law applies to your situation. For more information see this helpful summary from the Artists Rights Society.

College faculty and students can get a good introduction from Jane in the video Copyright on Campus.

Go deeper with the Copyright Crash Course from the University of Texas.

Concordia's designated officer for copyright compliance is Library Director Philip Hendrickson. Feel free to ask him any question that involves copyright at Concordia. (Below right.)

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