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eBooks: Axis360

Instructions to access and checkout electronic books

Axis360 eBook Collection


Axis360 is an eBook system which allows you to read books on your desktop, tablet, laptop, smartphone, or other mobile device.

To browse eBooks, view the "Magic Wall" (which is the homepage for CUNE's Axis360 system) at

You may check out 5 titles at a time for up to 21 days and place 10 titles on hold.

To check out a title for less than 21 days, click "Add" instead of "Checkout." Then, click on "My Checkout List" at the top of the page, and use the calendar button to select a different due date.

Axis360 Checkouts / Download

Axis360 -


  1. Download the free app (Google Play or the Apple Store)
  2. (Scroll down for Windows or Kindle download)
  3. Open app on device
  4. Click on “Skip to find your library or school now” (towards the bottom of screen) or scroll through and click “Get Started” (also towards the bottom)
  5. Search for “Concordia”
  6. Select Concordia University
  7. Log in using CUNE username/password


Check Outs:

  1. Select title
  2. If available, click checkout.
  3. If no copies are available, you can add to wish list or place a hold instead.
  4. The ebook will automatically pop up after checking out.
  5. To access later,  click “My Stuff” then select book and “Continue”
  6. Items are automatically returned on the due date
  7. To return an item early, click the title in “My Stuff” then click on “Return”


My Library – Concordia’s owned titles

Browse – browse the collection by subjects/categories

Account – See account information including checkouts and hold remaining

My Stuff – Checkouts, Holds, and Wish List

More – Legal, Settings, and Support

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